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  • George Porter
    #1 written by George Porter  4 days ago


  • addama
    #2 written by addama 1 month ago


  • addama
    #3 written by addama 1 month ago


  • Pearl
    #4 written by Pearl 1 month ago

    Hi ,
    Thanks for your useful info , i have tried with unlock exe, but after running that exe am gettting returned error 998 in command prompt and am gettinng prompt msg unlock exe has stopped working :(

    OS: Windows8
    Tried with : HTC_Desire_Unlock_v0.9.5.exe

    Can you please suggest any other exe else method

    • sieempi
      #5 written by sieempi  1 month ago

      Hi, try again on another computer or use the iso

  • james Tooke
    #6 written by james Tooke  1 month ago

    Very nice product

  • Mckay
    #7 written by Mckay 1 month ago


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