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  • medo
    #1 written by medo 4 weeks ago


  • ali
    #2 written by ali  1 month ago

    Hello, I was wanting your expert advice on a HTC DESIRE 700 DUAL SIM phone. While boarding an aircraft I put my phone into Aircraft mode. When reaching my destination and switching back to normal mode, I realised that SIM Slot1 was no had an X next to the signal strength icon. I have done a soft reset and full data reset but with no luck. In your opinion is this a hardware or software issue? My husband had the same issue. HTC insisted that it was a hardware problem and replaced the switch-board FPC-ASSY? and the Main Board. My husband’s phone was still under guarantee, mine is not. I do not believe it is a hardware problem as my phone did not fall, wasn’t close to a heat source or anything else of the sort. I believe it is a design fault or an unwanted/accidental blocking by a unknown server. Please educate me on this matter if you can. Thank you

  • edward
    #3 written by edward 1 month ago
  • Iain WInter
    #4 written by Iain WInter  1 month ago


  • teddy
    #5 written by teddy  1 month ago


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